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Future Fwd Conference 2022

I was honoured to be invited to the inaugural 2022 Future FWD conference in Warwick on the 4th of July to represent one of EGZ’s sponsors, Gen-Z Talks, and also to represent the podcast.


The Future FWD conference is an education conference like no other, focused on future generations, and how we can ensure that the young people of today and tomorrow can succeed in a fast-changing world. 


I opened the conference by hosting a panel of 9 talented young people where we discussed everything from how educational institutions can support student mental health, how Black History Month can be improved, and how schools need to move from ‘factory education’ to a new form of education. Lots of attendees described this as the highlight of the event.


I then spoke at Warwick Castle to a varied group of teachers, employers, and business owners about the future of the workplace, speaking about the ‘homification’ of the workplace, biophilic design and creating an ‘Instagramable’ workplace.

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